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Posted By: Ann Mack on June 09, 2019

He told them, “You don’t get to know the time. Timing is the Father’s business. What you’ll get is the Holy Spirit. And when the Holy Spirit comes on you, you will be able to be my witnesses in Jerusalem, all over Judea and Samaria, even to the ends of the world.” ~ ACTS 1:7-8

May 6, 2019
Finalized June 5, 2019

People, unfortunately, have mastered how to compartmentalize! Prioritizing has evolved into a VERY systematic and delicate art form to include a disturbing order of importance which varies for everyone with an increasing lack of integrity! The LORD detests dishonesty, but accurate weights finds favor with HIM. The integrity of the upright is guided by the LIGHT, but the UNFAITHFUL are destroyed by duplicity! (See PROVERBS 11.)

There are various situations and events in life that touch my heart. Some bring me joy and some bring me pain. I am deeply saddened by our lack of humanity and unwillingness to display love one to another and for one another. Pain is not enjoyable for me! And, I’m sure, no one, but those who can be identified as masochistic like or receive pleasure from pain. However, I can’t even imagine ever thinking or feeling pain to be pleasurable. I find it extremely difficult to understand how people can be so selfish, uncaring, cruel and ruthless in how we regard and interact with one another! How are we so easily able to disregard the importance and value of another human being to feel nothing in the aftermath of it all? So, I understand not being able to shake a painful experience to the point of it being a non-existent distant memory; especially, when you are faced with having to relive some measure of a past experience each and every day. BUT, IT IS POSSIBLE TO MOVE PAST THE PAIN TO EMBRACE ITS DEEPER PURPOSE!

When God raises you up, puts you in position and gives you an assignment to carry out, it is very important to make sure you activate your DIVINE filter to be an effective and willing vessel! You MUST exercise unshakable FAITH! You MUST not allow people, FEAR, PAIN or your EGO (your emotions or personal feelings) to derail you! No matter how often you repeat the mission or the message to include being reminded of what people think or feel about you, you MUST also be mindful of who you are serving and whose you are! God or man? You simply cannot follow and please TWO MASTERS! It is impossible to be and do what is expected of you in pleasing more than one person at the same time! So, what is the ULTIMATE objective?

You MUST NOT allow your intellect or that of others to block the flow of God 🙏! Much like Jeremiah, even if people object to what you have to say or share, you MUST NOT allow them to hinder or interrupt the deliverance of what MUST and SHOULD BE shared as a WITNESS to TRUTH 😇! Why? "This is the crisis we're in: God-light streamed into the world, but men and women everywhere ran for the the darkness. They went for the darkness they were not really interested in pleasing God. Every one who makes a practice of doing evil, addicted to denial and illusion, hates God-light and won't come near it, fearing a painful exposure. But anyone working and living in truth and reality welcomes God-light so the work can be seen for the God-work it is." ~ John 3:19-21, The Message (MSG)

The world is ruled by DARKNESS (sin, corruption and greed)! Iniquity (sin) is being demonstrated all around us and it is real! Classism and divisiveness is real! Racial inequality is real! Gender inequality is real! In fact, bigotry and chauvinism is as prevalent today as it was during the life and times of my great great-grandparents! Corruption and criminal behavior from the least expected is real! Corruption and greed has taken a front seat to how people and JUSTICE are valued! DOUBLE STANDARDS along with the practice of black codes still exist! Retaliation along with the need to silence truth is real! There is also a wide spread belief in something called a "code of silence!" But, God will ALWAYS use what and who HE pleases to UNMASK truth when the time is right!


People treat you based on how they value you! How they see you is how they value and measure your worth! Your perceived worth governs the respect or lack of respect (REVERENCE) granted to you by others! BUT, God is no respecter of persons! HE is nothing like man; what HE is willing to do for one, HE is willing to do for ALL! HE places the same amount of value, worth and respect on each of HIS children; ALL of mankind! [For God shows no partiality (no arbitrary favoritism; with Him one person is not more important than another). ~ Romans 2:11]

Many things are so obvious, but people refuse to discuss or reverence the truth in how an emphasis of importance is placed on one in comparison to another based on our individualized (group directed influenced) idiosyncrasies!

Let's take a DEEP look at my TRUTH! I was born into this world a black female; once a little girl and now an adult woman. When I lay my head down at the end of each and every day to go to sleep, I rise each and every morning a black female. I have no magic wand which enables me to "CHANGE AT WILL" from a female to a male or culturally change the color of my skin to live this life as anything other than a black female. In fact, I have never even given any thought to pursuing a regiment or procedure for lightening my skin; although, I have desired to have a darker skin tone growing up! Now, I will admit that I have given some thought to the degree of my pain being far less if I were a Caucasian male (or female) in relationship to what I have endured and witnessed in this life thus far. And, after losing my hair between the ages of 13 through 15, many, without consulting me, assumed it was a desired lifestyle change to reflect a rebellious attitude against being born a female. No, not TRUE! Although, I am aware of the advancement of technology, science and the medical accomplishments to grant opportunities for a s*x change on the outside in addition to the altering of my skin tone, that is not an option for me! I am content and appreciative of who I have become and it is my objective to be the person I was created to be in carrying out my God-ordained appointed assignment! BEARING WITNESS TO IT ALL!

God's adversary who is the adversary to ALL mankind is very strategic and will stop at nothing to keep you in the dark! It is his life's mission to kill, steal and destroy you by any means necessary! If he can keep you ignorant to the TRUTH, he has succeeded at keeping you from your destiny. There has been, in operation since the beginning of my existence, a plot and a plan to keep me from learning my true identity. Many obstacles have been put in my path in an attempt to distract and derail or delay me from moving forward in claiming my inheritance! Things were said to me and about me; done to instill fear to enslave my mind! Designed to break my SPIRIT and hold me in captivity! Pain was directed at me to steal my joy with the hope of stopping me from prospering. But, God through the HOLY SPIRIT was determined to reign supreme in my life by not allowing me to be deceived by what it looked like! I needed to hold on to my FAITH and believe in the WORD OF GOD! Sitting quietly, I needed to TRUST God no matter what in allowing HIS PLAN to manifest in my life! There were times when I was going through and I needed to bridle my tongue unless I was given strict orders from the LORD to speak. So, I needed to learn to put on the full armor of God [for HIS precepts are like the splendid armor of a heavily-armed soldier], so that you may be able to [successfully] stand up against the schemes and the strategies and the deceits of the devil. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood [contending only with physical opponents], but against the rules, against the powers, against the world forces of this [present] darkness, against the SPIRITUAL FORCES of wickedness in the HEAVENLY (high and supernatural) places. ~ EPHESIANS 6:11-12, AMP

People, by design, have made many attempts to silence me! A desire to downplay, diminish or suppress the TRUTH about the disparaging experiences of evil (and cruelty) in the world which impacts us ALL differently - depending upon who we are or have become; the less entitled, privileged and more tolerated! Many have befriended me only to attempt to influence change in my life based on their MISINTERPRETED TRUTH. How often do we act on our misconceptions and misguided teachings in how we interact with others to exert some sort of control?

When I was in my first year of High School, I was excited to register for a Driver's Education and Print Shop class only to be removed from both classes because I was a female. That was my first experience and understanding of gender specific directed actions being influenced by a SPIRIT of chauvinism. Much like today, some of us are still being forced into and considered for gender and race specific roles based on who we are in accordance to the mindset of others in position of power to impact our lives. I was extremely disappointed to be pulled out of those classes which were substituted for Typing 101 and Beginning Shorthand; the more gender specific set aside courses for the female students as deemed appropriate by the counselors at the McKinley Technical High School where I graduated in 1978. Ironically, they had an outstanding female basketball team and due to my height, I was encouraged to give that a shot! Unfortunately, I had no interest or no skill for mastering the game.


We are seeing, witnessing, mass destruction taking place at a very alarming accelerated growth! As outlined in a "Behold The Lamb" publication, "Sin is the greatest destroyer in the universe. It destroys souls, families and nations!" If you were to research "mass destruction," it is referenced as being a military term reflecting upon death or injury on a large scale and specifically caused by nuclear or biological weapons. But, who is holding the weapon and what hands are pushing and directing the trigger?

Another reference defines "mass destruction" as a "killing of large numbers of people." Ironically, an August 14, 2018 article featured on The Homeland Security (DHS) website states: The United States (US) faces a rising danger from terrorist and rogue States seeking to use weapons of mass destruction. I'm assuming the use of the word "States" was a typo or misprint and the writer meant to use the word country or countries in its place. Or, just maybe, it was an intentional Freudian slip! Literally, the greatest damage to the US and the occupying people (human race) is being inflicted from within the US as led by the controlling power base and those on the outside are deliberate casualties of war being sacrificed to keep us from taking ownership or responsibility for our own demise. As much as many have tried to rewrite history to change or cover up the TRUTH, we, the American people, have demonstrated atrocious acts of terrorism one upon another with the support of our judiciary systems to tear down and destroy SPIRITS 💔! The wanton destruction of human life for selfish gain!

Government agencies are ALL outfitted with a nurse's station to include highly skilled staff to man and operate an "employee assistance program" for attending to the mental capacity of an employee dealing with stressful events (inside and outside of the workplace). But, no one wants to consider or discuss the damage caused from inside of the workplace! Can you imagine being totally passionate about wanting to help people by making and selecting career choices thus putting you in line to accomplish your desire, but a shift in how business is being conducted has taken place? Civil rights and equal employee opportunity laws and policies are no longer being applied and enforced. People working within those offices who want to help preserve the rights, dignity and integrity of others are being encouraged to turn the other way as employees are being violated!

Employees who were once valued and treated with importance have become less important and undervalued to be deemed disposable on the basis of their position (hierarchy status), class and association! As an employee yourself, you are being told in addition to being groomed (robotically) and expected to adhere to the demonstrating culture of turning off your humanity switch for the sake of acceptance and career growth in being a part of a massive plot or plan to disregard the rights of people - depending upon who they are! Can you imagine transforming and being able to identify with the heart of God while being expected to deny ALL wrong doing to please the heart of the people who have waged their soul to total darkness?


The beauty of my pain is in the knowing of its GLORY! Yes, the pain still stings and hurts through the enduring of it; BUT, my pain is not without PURPOSE! It is linked to the joy of my heart in knowing the refusal to conform to the ways of the world. My heart is the center and the brain of my SPIRIT which is connected to God. HE sees and feels as I do! The pain which is etched in my heart is also etched in HIS! Like many others, HE has chosen me and positioned me with a challenging assignment to bear witness to it ALL. Each of us has been outfitted with an assignment which may be considered to be challenging! My challenge is linked to my unwillingness to give in under pressure no matter the threats or the humiliation inflicted or viewed by others. For it is not my desire to grieve the transgressions of this world, but to learn and grow in observance of how not to be while striving to be the person I was created to be in well doing! Why? Because the joy of the LORD is my strength and Romans 8:28 gives me GREAT confirmation!


Dr. Ann Gwen Mack


Destruction -
**Destruction is damage so bad, things must be replaced, not fixed.
**The Latin word destructionem, "a pulling down," is the root of destruction.
**Greek, strong’s concordance #684; apóleia: causing someone (something) to be completely severed – cut off(entirely) from what could or should have been.
**Hebrew: 'abhaddon (from verb 'abhadh meaning "to be lost," "to perish"); cherem (from verb charam) and closer in meaning is to “exterminate, ostracize or excommunicate”

Other words or similar meanings: annihilation, assassinate, decay, demolition, devastation, eliminate, eradicate, harm, havoc, invalidate, massacre, ruin, sabotage, subjugate


Mass Destruction -

Judiciary Systems -
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