HBCU - Historically Black Colleges &
	Universities HBCUs are defined as Historically Black Colleges & Universities.

Most HBCUs were started by Freed Slaves and Abolitionists in the South and East Coast of the United States to educate Black and Native Americans at a time when they were not allowed to attend Predominantly White Institutions (PWIs).

HBCUs are known for producing outstanding African American talent and world changers, such as Martin Luther King, Oprah Winfrey, Jerry Rice and many more famous HBCU Alumni.
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Jordan  Young Jordan Young
North Carolina A&T State University
Class of 2023
Jordan Yearwood Jordan Yearwood
Clark Atlanta University
Public Relations
Class of 2023
Reeva Cordice Reeva Cordice
Clark Atlanta University
Class of 2023
Michele Williams-Harry Michele Williams-Harry
Howard University
Class of 1999
Banzoi Emmou Banzoi Emmou
Howard University
Class of 2023
Isaiah Gulley Isaiah Gulley
Tennessee State University
Graphic Art
Class of 2023
Jamese Lambert Jamese Lambert
Philander Smith College
Class of 2021
Martin O Everette Martin O Everette
South Carolina State University
Civil Engineering
Class of 1964
Charlene Williams Charlene Williams
University of New Mexico
Class of 1995
Gregory  Ballard Gregory Ballard
Wilberforce University
Class of 1987

HBCU Scholarships

HBCU Scholarships


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Tracey Garner
 Tracey Garner (1994)
Lana Strain
 Lana Strain (1998)
Rayven Davis
 Rayven Davis (2015)
Rhonda Davis
 Rhonda Davis (2005)
Gabrielle Brown
 Gabrielle Brown (2012)
J.T.  Perry
 J.T. Perry (2009)
vernon griffin
 vernon griffin (2007)
 C J (2003)
He-Kema Norris
 He-Kema Norris (2023)
Alexis Black
 Alexis Black (2023)
Ashli Hawkins
 Ashli Hawkins (2024)
Shunequia Turner
 Shunequia Turner (2017)
Casedra McGinnis
 Casedra McGinnis (2006)
Robert Bowers
 Robert Bowers (2006)
Damion Tolliver
 Damion Tolliver (2016)
Cheryl Mathen
 Cheryl Mathen (2016)
April Kittel
 April Kittel (2006)
Robert Nutt
 Robert Nutt (2008)
Ebony  Duke
 Ebony Duke (1999)
LaMonte Thompson
 LaMonte Thompson (2015)
Allen Bennett
 Allen Bennett (2016)
Jada Wheeler
 Jada Wheeler (2014)

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