HBCU - Historically Black Colleges &
	Universities HBCUs are defined as Historically Black Colleges & Universities.

Most HBCUs were started by Freed Slaves and Abolitionists in the South and East Coast of the United States to educate Black and Native Americans at a time when they were not allowed to attend Predominantly White Institutions (PWIs).

HBCUs are known for producing outstanding African American talent and world changers, such as Martin Luther King, Oprah Winfrey, Jerry Rice and many more famous HBCU Alumni.
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Kimberly Graham Kimberly Graham
- College Not Listed -
Culinary Arts
Class of 2002
Joy Brown Joy Brown
West Virginia State University
Political Science
Class of
Connie Winn-Odom Connie Winn-Odom
Georgia Inst of Tech
Class of 2020
Samira Pollard-Brooks Samira Pollard-Brooks
Hampton University
Political Science
Class of 2024
Dimetris Howze Dimetris Howze
- College Not Listed -
Business Administration
Class of 2017
Asia Davis Asia Davis
Wilberforce University
Social Work
Class of 1997
Joe Jackson Joe Jackson
Alcorn State University
Class of 1985
Kendria Clark Kendria Clark
Savannah State University
International Business
Class of
MaKenzie Thomas MaKenzie Thomas
Rust College
Social Work
Class of 2024
Arion Heyward Arion Heyward
North Carolina A&T State University
Class of 2022

HBCU Scholarships

HBCU Scholarships


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Dionna Jones
 Dionna Jones (2012)
darra perry
 darra perry (2014)
Milan Johnson
 Milan Johnson (2002)
Lai Ara Reagans
 Lai Ara Reagans (2008)
jermaine harding
 jermaine harding (2007)
Dominique Ragin
 Dominique Ragin (2012)
Carlos W  Morgan
 Carlos W Morgan (1983)
Todd Pincham
 Todd Pincham (2016)
Ashlie Johnson
 Ashlie Johnson (2021)
Jualon Greig
 Jualon Greig (2018)
Lindsay Harper
 Lindsay Harper (2004)
Dante Carroll
 Dante Carroll (2009)
Tatiana  Taylor
 Tatiana Taylor (2020)
Alice Lyons
 Alice Lyons (1967)
Karen Caldwell
 Karen Caldwell (2013)
Micah arnold
 Micah arnold (2010)
Ronald Mathews
 Ronald Mathews (2021)
Rashid Johnson
 Rashid Johnson (2009)
Cameo Turner
 Cameo Turner (2007)
Doniqua Carter
 Doniqua Carter (2022)
Ricquel Sumler
 Ricquel Sumler (2023)
sylvia marquez
 sylvia marquez (2008)

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